2A Opening Week (January 17-21, 2022)
Theme: Study of microgrids integrating photovoltaics and storage from experimental platforms Theme proposed by Prof Ilhem SLAMA BELKHODJA and led by the   research team of the Laboratory of Electrical Systems (LSE) of ENIT.

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It was a real challenge to introduce microgrids integrating photovoltaic and storage to engineering students from different specialties : Electrical,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, during the Opening Week (January 17-21, 2022) organized at Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis for 2d year  students.
The concepts of individual and collective self-consumption were discussed with experiments on the Pla-NETE and SMARTNESS platforms and their data analysis.
The workshop was animated by the QehnA research team of the Electrical Systems Laboratory (LSE) of ENIT.

17th January 2022, Master Defense ERASMUS MUNDUS Master DENSYS (Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems) related to Microgrid and the management of energy in decentralized energy systems and including the design of energy networks, demand-side management and optimization.

The master challenge, which started in February 2021, assesses the performance and techno-economic viability of a Micro-Grid pilot (SMARTNESS- Smart Micro-grid plAtfoRm wiTh aN Energy management SyStem) implemented in QehnA Laboratory at ENIT as a demonstration action of the Med-EcoSuRe project.

This challenge was proposed and supervised in collaboration with QehnA research Group, Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC)  , partners of Med-EcoSuRe  and Gamco Energy and Lightency






17 Janvier 2022, Participation au Projet “PV-based Smart Irrigation System for Olive Field in Mediterranean context” dans le cadre du Master Erasmus Mundus DENSYS (Decentralised smart ENergy SYStems) , dans lequel, l’Université de Carthage et l’Université Tunis el Manar sont partenaires.

Le projet vise à étudier la faisabilité d’une solution complète d’agriculture intelligente pour les oliviers plantés sur le campus INSAT en utilisant des sous-systèmes technologiques modernes basés sur les Energies renouvelables, une plateforme de monitoring mettant en œuvre l’IoT, etc.. L’objectif est d’augmenter la production quantitative et qualitative de ces arbres aujourd’hui irrigués exclusivement pendant les périodes pluvieuses.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021, was held at the ENIT a workhsop around microgrids. The participants then visited our MICROGRID in the @QehnA laboratory of the ENIT, with the two platforms, SMARTNESS and Pla-NeTE
Mercredi 27 octobre 2021 a eu lieu à l’ENIT un workhsop autour des microréseaux. Les participants ont ensuite visité notre  Plateforme MICROGRID dans la salle QehnA de l’ENIT, avec ses deux plateformes, SMARTNESS et Pla-NeTE

Congratulations for the 2 new accepted projects, funded by the PEJC 2020 program

Project title: Design and advanced control of a High Power Density PhotoVoltaic generation system (PV-HD)
Leader: Mohamed Wissem NAOUAR

Project title: Electric Car Charger: from proTOtyPe to integration in a smart microgrid (VE-TOP)
Person in charge: Jihen ARBI-ZIANI

ENIT/STEG/EY meeting-2021, 11 June

Welcome by Mr. Kamel Ben Saad, Director of ENIT and discussion around the framework of potential STEG/ENIT collaborations

Discussion on potential partnerships between STEG/Qehna and visit to the MicroGrid Platform

OPAL RT Trainig – 2021 , 10 June

The session concerned the programming according to the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL)  concept of a power converter simulated with the PSIM software and using the RTLAb eHS module

Getting Started with Battery emulator- 2021, 3 June

With the help of Samir Fakhfakh , from Tunisie Test & Mesures company

It was an honour to us to welcome for a visit to our new QehnA Laboratory, at the National School of Engineers of Tunis (ENIT), His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan in Tunisia, with the President of the University of Tunis El Manar and the Director of ENIT

Thesis defence of Ms Manelle HASNAOUI-MILADI on 26 May 2021

Visit of INSAT IEEE SB students with Mrs. Afef BENNANI-BEN ABDELGHANI

The PV modules of our Platforms, SMARTNESS, Pla-NeTE and others, on the roof of QehnA room, at ENIT #PV modules #Microgrids