To be Center of Excellence in the field of electrical systems based on power electronics

Application fields

DC and AC Microgrids
Renewable Energy Systems
Electrical Drives
Energy for sustainable transport


Power Electronics
High Power Multilevel Converters
Electrical Drives
Simulation: PSIM, MATLAB-Simulink, Labview, ..
Control design
Real Time Embedded Systems with FPGAs and ARM-based Microcontrollers
Data Acquisition Systems: National Instruments, Keithley,.

Organization within the L.S.E

The L.S.E research program for 2016-2019 period is divided into two projects: AmPer and CoReR

The Qehna group is responsible for the AmPer project and is actively participating in the CoReR project through its investigations in the field of microgridss and multilevel converters for HVDC links.

CoReR : Conduction of grid and micro-grid integrating renewable energies
AmPer : Performance enhancement and fault tolerance of electrical systems


Participate in the development of society through research and innovation
Create added value and develop solutions for challenges facing our society
Share our knowledges, our solutions and our recommendations


Improving electric power quality by power electronics and advanced control


Prospective research
Contractual Research
Collaborative research


Renewable Energy and its impact on Power Quality
Microgrid Power Management and Control
Real Time Monitoring of Electrical Systems
HVDC and AC to DC Multilevel Power Converter
Fault tolerance,
Modeling: Renewable Energy Systems, storage and load systems
Demonstrators development: Power Electronic based Emulators

Contribution in national issues

Reducing consumption peaks
Integration of renewable energy rate on the Tunisian network considering the specificities of our network
Monitoring of PV installations.
Normative testing, quality and performance tests (for photovoltaic systems)
Electric power quality and energy efficiency