Research Group QehnA (Power Quality with Power Electronics and Advanced Control Research Team ) 

Responsible: Ilhem SLAMA-BELKHODJA

Theme: Electrical systems reconfiguration and control

Keywords: fault tolerant control, fault tolerant converters, MLI strategies,  Supervision and control algorithms, power emulators, residential nanogrid, AC and DC smart microgrid, Demonstrator.


1. Improve systems performances according to the application requirements under operational modes and conditions variations.

a.Design control for severe conditions of use
b.Develop models integrating complex phenomena (Ageing, degradation, etc…) and design control to decrease their negative effect).

2. Ensure continuity of system service under faulty conditions (faulty elements could be sensors, static converters, loads, etc.)

a.Develop fault detection and isolation algorithms,  and reconfiguration of the control and/or the system topology.
b.Develop reconfiguration algorithms for performances improvement during a degraded mode operation.

Application fields : Residential and nano grid residential, microgrid, mutilevel converters for renewable energy generation with HDVC link.

Tools : Emulators, Demonstrators, Digital Simulators

Research Operations:

Power system and control reconfiguration for  service continuity under faulty conditions.                                                           

1.1. Real Time Fault Detection and Isolation for static converters, Photovoltaic panels, storage systems,micro grid.
1.2. Performances optimization after reconfiguration and during switching modes.
1.3. Demontrators development

Control reconfiguration for better energy efficiency and performances optimization

2.1. Performances optimization of grid connected static converters or ds

  • PWM strategies, control and energt management algorithms
  • Sources (renewable, storage, etc…) and loads characterization (residential, etc.)
  •        Management of the Demand/Response  (residential, microgrid, etc.)

2.2. Loads adaptation (intelligence integration, micro grid adaptation, etc. )

Demonstrators Development:

3.1. Emulators (grids, PV panels, loads, wind turbine, PAC, battery, etc)
3.2. Multilevel converters.
3.3. Experimental set up for pre-normative tests of renewable energy systems.